Solar desisgn and installation by VE Electric

  Thinking of going solar? Let the design and install team at VE Electric help you with your plans to becoming more energy efficient. Whether it be an "off grid" system, where you are totally non reliant from "big energy", or a system attached to the grid making enough energy to meet the needs of your home or business. Unused power is sent to the electric company for credits to use when your system does not generate enough power to cover the usage in your home ( during winter time mostly ).  Commercial or Residential, VE Electric wants to be your choice in Solar installation and maintenance.

  Solar system out of warranty? We can service your system if problems should arise. If your system is still under warranty, we can offer visual inspections during solar panel cleanings through our Sister company , Solar Butler. Being a neutral party to systems under warranty  ( not being the installation company or the company representing your warranty ) any problems found are reported to you in your best interest to protect your investment. With our inspection report in hand, you could then approach your installer or warranty company for corrections, should there be any.